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Kewa Forde is the Founder & CEO of Full Circle HR Consultants, which specializes in HR Consulting, Organization Change Management, Organizational Effectiveness, Recruitment, and Compliance. ​Originally a native of London, England, Kewa has been a successful business ally in her career and has managed several projects focused on Organizational Change and Development and Employee Relations.


Kewa has a unique understanding of business needs and has helped several clients streamline their business practices, reenergized department teams, boosting morale and productivity, all while ensuring they stay compliant in the process. Kewa is not only passionate about integrating businesses with high-quality solutions, she is also committed to ensuring that the journey to reach the goal is amazing and one to remember! She enjoys the challenge of customizing solutions and services, as well as, pairing future employees with incredible companies!


Kewa has many years of experience in Engineering, Real Estate, IT, HR, Finance, Manufacturing, and Oil & Gas industries, and has worked with many clients in the United States, as well as Europe and the Caribbean.


She has also participated in voluntary work with Common Pantry, NY and initiated several community based activities. Kewa now has her own foundation called the Darnley & Almira Graves Foundation, named in honor of her Barbadian grandparents. The foundation sponsors individuals to receive holistic treatment for the autoimmune illness, Graves' Disease, which she was afflicted with in 2018. Now healed, Kewa is on a mission to help as many people as possible travel the same holistic road to recovery.



Rochelle Gooding is the VP Marketing for Full Circle HR Consultants. Her experience stems from her studies at Middlesex University located in London, UK. Not only has she hosted several marketing seminars, but she also provides accurate recent knowledge to help students through their assignments. Rochelle was also fortunate enough to receive a summer internship with EasyJet through a program called career ready, where she learned to create a strategy and improve internal communication. This enabled her to view endless opportunities hidden within companies that may not be obvious at first glance. In addition, Rochelle has also volunteered at the Luton Borough Council, where she developed problem-solving skills in an accommodating matter.  

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