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ORGANIZATIONAL effectiveness

In order for organizations to be effective, current practices within those organizations that are no longer effective and producing measurable outcomes have to be reevaluated to reflect future measurable goals or outcomes.


Every organization is different in terms of services, products, and diversity of its employees. It is our goal to meet the specific needs of our clients as reflected in the composition of their employees.




Job performance is a major criterion in organizations. Effective management of performance ensures that the company is capitalizing on the human talent within the organization. We utilize scientifically based performance appraisal systems, and provide adequate feedback to employees in terms of their job performance. This feedback can be used in designing employee selection tools and identifying developmental needs. Full Circle HR Consultants can design and/or enhance an organization's performance appraisal systems for optimal organizational effectiveness.



Full Circle HR Consultants develops organizational surveys to be used at all levels of your company, (i.e. dept and divisions). With these surveys, we collect and analyze data to identify gaps in the company's performance. We design programs to reduce or remove the gaps to reflect an effective organization.


change & development

The environments in which organizations provide services and products are always changing due to economic, political, and tech factors. These environments, if not adequately taken into consideration, will affect organizational effectiveness. Full Circle HR Consultants will assist organizations to deal effectively with dynamic changes in the economy by training and developing their employees.

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