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How COVID-19 Changed the Hiring and Recruitment Process

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

At the height of the pandemic, the changes in hiring and recruitment have been significant. That’s true for nearly all companies who are looking at increasing their headcount or have new positions to fill. The greater reality is these employers are hiring fewer people, and for those that remain, a very different work environment is now the “new normal”.

There are certainly some companies whose business is related to dealing with Covid 19 and they have experienced growth in the past two years. On the other hand, we’ve seen massive unemployment among the rest or, at the very least, a significant decrease in the need for manpower. Given that the primary reason for the negative impact on employment is to prevent the spread of the deadly disease, a brave new world has arisen in searching for talent and absorbing the lucky applicants in the headcount. Nowadays, doing things remotely is the key, from interviews to actual work.

Hiring is Now a Two-Way Process

Once upon a time, an applicant applying for a job must first go through the classified ads and pound the pavement in search of that means to earn a living. That’s no longer the case. The applicant goes job hunting on the web, submits his resume by email, gets interviewed online, and—voila!—has a job.

Location is no Longer an Issue

Because of Covid 19 and the social distancing practices, employers have moved some of their divisions or all of their business to remote roles. There was a time when the company’s area of operation limited recruitment and hiring. Now, they can access a bigger pool of job seekers. New Requirements and Stricter Safety Measure

With the advent of the remote workplace, it’s now mandatory for a company to have stricter measures to protect the data of its clients and customers. Employment policies must be clear-cut and the expectations on work hours and salary set. There’s also the obligation of providing company equipment to an employee. This is easily offset by the savings an employer enjoys when there are no longer any costly considerations like infrastructure upkeep, power cost, and a telecommunication system to include in the books.

Talent Search in the New Normal

A company that needs an effective way of looking for employees must hire the services of a human resources expert who’s familiar with what the job entails. If job recruiting services in Houston TX are what you need, Full Circle Recruiting is whom you’re looking for. They start with identifying the kind of position they’ll need to fill, applying the process of attracting prospective applicants, and making them go through a management selection process with the end goal of choosing the best employees for you. For inquiries, check them out at

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