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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

It's no surprise, that when it comes to graduation, young people are are sold the dream of the possibility to pursue the career path they've chosen to study for several years. However, when it comes to the world of work, certain industries  just don't provide adequate entry level jobs. 

Wallet-Hub took this into their own hands and created a rank of 109  best and worst entry level jobs of 2018. To bring this to the public eye, our CEO Kewa Forde, had the privilege to discuss the best and worst entry-level jobs of 2018 thanks to the aforementioned Wallet-Hubs' ranking. As quoted Forde explained how 

"It's pretty typical, especially for the industries that you named, that anything in the Network, Data Management and Architect roles, are regarded as some of the best roles. As far as some of the worst roles, it's common that manual labor roles, which are typically lower paying roles, have long hours and at times extreme conditions, which create far less opportunities for growth.” 

An opportunity drought is among us due to barriers such as salary and stability. Because of this, it is apparent, that certain industries are doomed to be labelled as some of the worst entry-level jobs, ultimately disabling ability for industry growth and demand.

How do we combat this?

"You want to consider everything you've done so far in your career as far as academic successes, projects that you've done, internships that you've had. You want to really understand what your personal brand is and what value you bring to the marketplace today.”

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