Recruitment and Selection

Full Circle HR Consultants provides a comprehensive range of recruitment services to ensure that your organization and department hire the most qualified personnel.

Job Analysis (Work Analysis)


Studying work processes and assignments are the foundation of any HR system in modern times. Full Circle HR Consultants is poised for identifying the criteria of effective work performance.

Recruitment Solutions


The cost of recruiting individuals for effective performance is skyrocketing every year. Full Circle professionals will assist you in finding and planning for the right candidates for the job! 

Assessment Centers


The assessment center is a method of management selection, not a physical place. As a method of selection, Full Circle identifies many of the instruments and techniques of management selection and use these techniques in assisting companies to identify the potential human talents for organizational effectiveness. 

Personnel Selection Tools


Recruitment is a process of attracting employees into an organization. Once applicants apply for available jobs, there should be a way of screening individuals in relation to job requirements. Full Circle HR Consultants provides numerous selection methods for the initial screening and selection of job applicants. By considering the advantages and pitfalls of selection methods, Full Circle HR Consultants can identify the procedures that can enhance the quality of the screening and selection efforts. We provide various selection tools to meet specific companies needs. 


Executive Search (Managerial Selection)


Personnel selection focuses on selecting individuals who are interested in leadership positions or top management. Full Circle HR Consultants uses a variety of selection methods including cognitive ability tests, objective personality techniques, and interest inventories, leadership ability tests, projective devices, personal history data and peer ratings in the prediction of managerial success. In using these methods, we can successfully identify and place individuals in the organization of their interest.