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houston, tx

I have worked with Kewa for the past four years. Kewa is one of the most reliable, professional, pro-active and results oriented recruiters that I have worked with. Kewa really sets herself apart from other recruiters because she invests time in getting to know her candidates and determining where synergies exist between individuals and employers. She is able to do this so effectively because she knows her market inside out. I would recommend Kewa to any organization that is interested in hiring an executive recruiter for their hiring needs.

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london, u.k.

Kewa is a highly professional and competent recruiter with the ability to analyze and breakdown a job description so that she is able to put forward a selection of candidates that closely match the roles requirement. I would absolutely use her services when initiating our next recruitment drive.

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manhattan, ny

A dynamic thinker with a winning personality, Kewa is naturally skilled in making meaningful connections and finding synergy between not only ideas but people.

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houston, tx

I have known Kewa Forde for more than 20 years and have always found her to be a very bright young woman. She has a strong personality and a determination that will ensure her success in anything she decided to do in her life. She is very enthusiastic about life and works hard to achieve her goals. She is passionate in her beliefs and is very supportive to those around her.

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brooklyn, ny

I had the pleasure of working with Kewa in the past. Kewa is highly respected and knowledgeable in her field. She is extremely passionate about her work and strives to be the best at everything she does.  Kewa's strong and versatile skills offers valuable insights to people at any time in their career. What distinguishes Kewa from others I have worked with is her true dedication to her employees, company and customers. Her strong work ethic and high level of integrity makes her a valuable asset to anyone.

Young Man

barbados, west indies

I have 10 years' experience in the legal industry, during this time I have dealt with many recruitment consultants, both as an employer and as a prospective employee. Kewa is the best recruiter I have worked with. She is extremely professional, prompt, polite and has always worked hard to secure the right opportunities for me. I cannot recommend Kewa highly enough in her field and will continue to pass Kewa's details along to any individual that I hear is looking to move positions.

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