Training and Development

The work world is changing rapidly which is due to in part economics, technological and social pressures that affect organizational effectiveness. These pressures underscore the importance of having employee skill enhancements. Full Circle HR Consultants is poised to assist organizations with training and development issues by designing practical programs to enhance skill acquisition for current and future employees. We provide on the job training, external workshops and simulation.



Needs Analysis

Before designing training and development programs Full Circle assesses training needs at the organizational level, task level, and personnel level.  The purpose of conducting a Needs Analysis is to determine if the current management and employees can support training and development, and if not, we determine and implement what will enable them to be able to do so. 



Training Program Design


Full Circle HR Consultants utilizes both correlational and experimental designs in assessing the effectiveness of training and development efforts.



Training & Development Techniques (Training Courses)

Full Circle HR Consultants provides a wide variety of training techniques ranging from information presentations (e.g., lectures, conference methods, programmed instruction, and computer-assisted instruction), to on the job training, used in basic skills training and in management training and development which might include orientation training and apprenticeships.


After the delivery of training methods Full Circle assists in the implementation of the agreed upon new programs and ensures that these programs are being properly implemented and managed.


Full Circle HR Consultants periodically evaluates training programs that have been implemented by collecting data, using pre-training and post-training data to evaluate the effectiveness of all newly implemented programs.