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Full Circle HR Consultants provides many workshops for current organizational employees and management personnel. Our workshops are designed to be cost-effective and enhance organizational performance.


We provide workshops on Leadership During Emergency Situations, HR & the Law, Performance Management, Sexual Harassment, Recruitment Strategies, Sexual Harassment and so much more! 



emergency situations

When the COVID-19 Pandemic arrived in the United States in early 2020, very few could imagine the enormous impact the virus would make on life as we knew it. Many business leaders found themselves enjoying the prosperity of a surging economy. This changed overnight. What leadership practices made companies successful during the pandemic? Let Full Circle HR Consultants guide you through the process of staying successful in the face of adversity.

& the law

Full Circle HR Consultants provides workshops for currently employed management to address issues of unfair personnel employment practices.



Organizations with better performing workforces are more likely to be successful. Our focus on performance management is a continuous process of identifying, measuring and developing the performance of individuals and teams and aligning performance with the mission statement of the organization.


Unchecked behaviors from management and peers in the workplace can have a devastating effect on an organization and it's reputation while simultaneously emboldening other employees to take part in it as well. Our in depth workshop will train your employees to review and revise its policies and procedures on discrimination, harassment and retaliation; to create a structure for employees to report discrimination and harassment; and provide training to all employees on anti-discrimination laws, with an emphasis on sexual harassment.  

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Full Circle HR Consultants conducts a comprehensive review of all organizational recruitment solutions and provides recruitment strategies that are informed by current HR practices.

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