HR Consulting

Full Circle HR Consultants is an HR Consulting firm that services established and emerging companies with HR Consulting, Organizational Effectiveness, Training & Development, Recruitment and Personnel Research with an emphasis on Workforce Data and Analytics. We provide quality customized HR for all of our clients ensuring that all travel an exceptional journey accomplishing all corporate and career needs.

Client Services

Organizational Effectiveness
  • Performance Management

  • Organizational Surveys

  • Organizational Change and Development

Recruitment and Selection
  • Job Analysis

  • Recruitment Solutions

  • Assessment Centers

  • Personnel Selection Tools

  • Executive Search

Training and Development
  • Needs Analysis

  • Training Program Design

  • Training Courses

  • Implementation

  • Evaluation

  • HR and the Law

  • Performance Management

  • Organizational Leadership

  • Recruitment Strategies

Personnel Research
  • Validation Studies

  • Prediction Research

  • Meta-analysis

HR Solutions For Every Industry

◉ Information Technology & Telecom

◉ Oil & Gas

◉ Environment, Health & Safety

◉ Manufacturing & Supply Chain

◉ Real Estate

◉ Government

◉ Logistics & Transportation

◉ Distribution

◉ Finance, Banking & Accounting

◉ Entertainment & Media 

◉ Education 

◉ Hospitality

◉ Legal

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